Our Impact


Global Digital Week has already been hugely successful in supporting leading universities' educational and internationalisation goals.


Following our events, students have reported feeling more confident in their knowledge and job prospects, more interested in developing digital skills, more able and interested to compete internationally and more able to showcase their skills to potential employers. 


We have so far helped 1,192 students across 4 countries to develop their digital skills, learn how their current skills are transferable to new industries, find jobs and create projects to showcase their skills. Click here to learn how you can be involved as well as support and benefit from Global Digital Week. 



We often work with both university and business partners to tie our events to UN Global Goals. Global Digital Week is committed to tackling UN Global goal #4, quality education, and goal #8, decent work and economic growth. We do this through our events which highlight technology in a way that makes young people want to further develop their skills as well as make them more aware of how their skills are transferable for professions or industries they may want to join.


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