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World-leading coding courses from experienced trainers for your organisation

[Global Digital Week has] helped students go from complete beginner to understanding complex concepts and practices very quickly and made a hugely positive contribution to their digital understanding and confidence. 

Tao Jiang, Associate Professor of Marketing and Head of First Year Marketing, University of Leeds

Java is the most widely used language in the world for a huge number of applications - from mobile applications and machine learning to websites, DevOps and Big Data.

Global Digital Week is proud to offer its expertise through

e-learning courses. Our Java training courses are delivered by experts with over 25 years cumulative experience in teaching Java and are used extensively across 92 countries.

Check out the interactive map to see if your country already works with Global Digital Week.

Key Features


  • Our courses focus on having the correct balance between academic and practical elements to ensure that learning is underpinned by strong theoretical foundations but can also be used in the workplace immediately


  • We have over 300 hours of teaching delivered by experts that go deeper into topics than any other online course


  • Our usage rates are unprecedented in online training, over 80% of our users log in and complete course modules every week


  • Our integrated packages mean you can sleep easy knowing everything is covered, without gaps, and with consistency by our experienced trainers. 

Why learn Java with Global Digital Week?

The benefits of the course included the fact that the same training could be given globally

to all relevant team members which ensured a continuity of approach. 

Ben Espin, Development Manager and Head of Experian’s UK Global Software Group team

Learning paths

Our courses a split into clearly defined paths showing your students and/or employees the best route to develop their skills with particular targets in mind, be it becoming a better marketer with big data or the next Zuckerberg with web or
app development.


Our paths are further split into modules, each of which digs deeper into the subject matter than any other online training available, with practical exercises and time allocated for self-study.

Certificates are provided upon course completion and can include your organisation's logo.

An example path is shown below:

This is an alternative plan for people who want to learn to build websites with Java and the Spring Framework, ideal if you have some experience using Spring. We use the Spring Boot course to get started quickly, and then fill in the gaps in knowledge, with the Spring MVC and Spring Fundamentals course.

1 - Spring Boot

featuring Spring Data JPA, Security, MVC and REST

2 - Spring MVC and WebFlow

featuring Session Handling, Validation with JSR 303, PDF and Excel Views, Ajax and WebFlow

3 - Thymeleaf

Replace your JSP with a modern, design friendly template engine

4 - Spring Framework Fundamentals

featuring Dependency Injection, AOP, Integration with Hibernate/JPA, MyBatis, Transactions and Testing

[The training] offered the chance to be a 5-star developer. I’ve come a very long way in a few years because of these videos.


As a direct result of the training I have risen up the career ladder with a couple of promotions and won two internal company awards in 2015.

The training is immediately applicable to real work scenarios. The video shows you where and why you’d apply it – you don’t often find that”

— Zenko Turek, Technical Architect, SAP

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